Individual franchises

The Starchipenterprise franchise offers the exclusive rights to operate a Starchipenterprise state of the art mobile catering ship on a franchise basis from a given Territory trading throughout various designated locations, including the rights to use the Starchipenterprise brand and trademark as part of the business model. Single unit franchises are granted provided they do not conflict with Area Development Agreement territories, please contact us to discuss your preferred Territory and or available trading locations.

Once you believe you have found a possible Territory we will ask you to complete a feasibility study to ensure the Territory meets the criteria needed to greatly increase its chances of success.Once your first ship is up and running we would be happy to discuss the possibility of operating additional ships in your area.

Developmment serivces

Our development team will help find the best sites, negotiate heads of terms with councils and local authorities ,manage the legal procedure, brief and oversee designers and ship fitters until your Ship is ready to launch. Using this system we can build and launch a new Ship in 8 -12 weeks.

Starchip requirements

We have extensive experience in finding the best locations and territory for your franchise.The village locations need to have good access for queing purposes, and be in a highly visible location.however though beneficial ,a constant flow of pedestrians is not needed as with a captive village audience and a specified amount of population,once you have built up your customer base the whole village will come to rely on you turning up at that time on that particular day in exactly the same place. Starchipenterprise will need to approve all potential sites as they must meet Starchipenterprises site requirements to ensure your business is as successful as possible.

Conversion and ship fitting

Starchipenterprises Ship fit-out team or an approved local partner will be responsible for all Starchip conversion and fit out.The process takes on average 8 weeks. Our typical Starchip is 16ft long and 6 foot wide and is driven on a 3,5 ton standard Uk driving license and would cost between £50,000 - £60,000 to build and fit to the company's standards. The costs and timings will vary depending on the size and type of unit.


Your Starchip will be fitted out with all the equipment necessary to produce the full range of products on the Starchipenterprise menu in particular a top class high capacity frying range .All cooking equipment, refrigeration,storage and utensils must be purchased through Starchipenterprise or its nominated suppliers. This equipment will be installed and commissioned by trained and certified technicians and organised by our highly experienced ship fitting team. We insist on using equipment from trusted manufacturers that meet our exacting specification,believe us when we tell you ,that you don’t want 4o people in a que with a medium capacity frying range. You can either choose to purchase your equipment outright or lease your equipment through a hire purchase agreement. Either way we'll be on hand to advise and help you every step of the way.

Franchise manuals

We have developed a suite of manuals that cover all aspects of running a Starchip.The Operations Manual contains all the day-to-day information required by the franchisee and members of staff to operate the Ship.The Guerrilla Marketing manual is a comprehensive blueprint of the many hundreds of national and local events and opportunities available to a mobile,state of the art,premium quality traditional English Fish and Chip master fryer.

Staff training programme

Our Starchip off site Training Programme covers the franchisee for the initial 2 week training programme carried out at one of our dedicated staff training centres in the first week,which is certified.

The second weeks will be on our lead ship on the regular rounds and at an event just to show you how busy it gets and the most efficient process of turning out premium quality food at high capacity.

Starchip Enterprise launch support

We endeavour to finish your training at the same time you will launch your Ship ,at the end of the staff training programme, we will be on hand to support you to ensure that your new business is a success from the start. This process is managed and supported by a Starchip franchise team manager who will work on site with the franchisee for the first all important 3 days to ensure that the ship launches on time and operates correctly We understand that this can be a nervous time for you, but don't worry; we'll be there every step of the way.

Ongoing support programme

Ongoing support for Starchipenterprise franchisees includes on-site visits, telephone contact, problem-solving, new menu development, regular review meetings, business monitoring, marketing and PR support, etc.

Starchip Enterprise opening market support

All initial advertising and marketing costs are met by the franchisee. We would ask that at least £2000 be put aside for initial marketing to ensure that a new Ship launches with a bang!

We ask that 4% of turnover be spent on ongoing marketing and advertising to help drive footfall and event inquiries to the ship on an ongoing basis.

As soon as a new Ship is launched it is included in all Starchips central marketing activities. New ship launches are often featured on the company website. All national event inquiries are passed to the relevant Starchip serving the Territory/area in question.

Supply chain

Once part of the franchise network, all Starchipenterprise franchisees receive all initial and ongoing supplies of stock either directly from us or through one of  our accredited delivery partners.

Starchip Awards