Starchip Enterprise's Mission

Our mission is to bring traditional, delicious fish and chips to local villages, starting with yours!

In a day where we live in large communities overshadowing the small towns with their mainstream fast food restaurants, StarChip Enterprise understands there is a great demand for the nation's favourite dish. Sometimes it just isn't possible in smaller villages and environments to travel to the nearest chip shop, so take the healthier option and treat your family to the best tasting meal in town at very reasonable prices.

Fresh From The Pan Quality Meals At Your Convenience

Forget having to travel for miles to get your fish supper, StarChip Enterprise brings the meal to you fresh from the pan. Many people have great difficulty travelling from their very own homes and we cater for everyone straight to the community doorstep. With our top of the range, specially designed mobile fish and chip vans we bring you the highest quality nutritional meals as part of a balanced diet.

"Ditch the deliveries, don't do to the drive-through, eat more healthily with our fresh menu where we come straight to you!"

Specifically suited for busy parents needing a nutritious and healthy alternative to the regular takeaway, now you can satisfy the whole family's needs, including active children who can benefit from a rich source of protein and omega 3. Research has revealed that 3 out of 5 children in the near future will be classified as clinically obese by the next decade, so we feel we are playing our part in bringing you a healthier treat as part of your overall balanced diet.


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