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Premier Traditional Fish & Chips

StarChip Enterprise brings you a first class truly traditional, delicious fish and ship supper with only the best ingredients prepared and crafted using award winning methods served by our friendly, knowledgeable staff.


Where Freshness & Quality Meet Eco-Friendly & Ethical 

The proof really is in the final product and the taste sensation it packs! We use only the best, fresh, finely carved fish caught straight from the ocean and frozen within the third hour together with the best juicy, big, golden delicious potatoes hand picked from local rural farmers and carefully selected to give the best tasting chips.

Freshly Prepared Fish Taken From Well Managed Fishing Grounds

We pride ourselves on the finest quality fish sourced from sustainable and well managed fishing grounds. Our fresh fish is prepared and cooked by chefs with a wealth of experience and a certification in the Fish Frying course run by the National Federation of Fish Fryers which has been the official governing body of regulations since 1863.

Our meat based produce is of the highest quality cut and our local butcher takes pride in his assured traceable goods which travels no less than ten miles from farm to fork.We are devoted to ensuring the latest environmentally friendly, biodegradable, compostable, earth friendly packaging and wrapping, harmless to small animals. 

Modern Hygienic Mobile Fish & Chip Vans

Making the sometimes treacherous journey down the lanes to your local fish and chip bar will no longer be an issue for you. Come visit our clean, hygienic mobile fish and chips vans for an exhilarating taste sensation that will have you coming back for more. 

Gluten Free & No Hydrogenated Fats!

We have separate cooking facilities for gluten free fish'n'chips so they can be enjoyed by everyone including those suffering from coeliacs disease and our frying oils are also free of hydrogenated fat, benefiting from the addition of palm oil to create an even better flavour. Yummy! 

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