Could you be a successful Starchip Enterprise franchisee?

The Starchipenterprise franchise opportunity is a unique business opportunity with the potential to provide a significant financial return. However that potential will only be realised if we recruit the right franchisees.

We are delighted that you have shown an interest in our company and our franchise system. We plan to launch the Starchipenterprise format into every city and major town close to outlying rural villages in the UK. We are also looking to forge partnerships with area developers and master franchisees from other countries as we look to realise our ambition of becoming a global brand.

We’re interested in establishing a franchise network that’s successful in the long term. Franchising in our book is not about us simply trying to find people with money to invest. Long-term success in franchising involves us building relationships with our franchisees where mutual dependency, co-operation, trust and respect are the key to the future success of the whole network.

Therefore it is our responsibility to ensure we take on franchisees that not only have the right qualities and skills to succeed in business generally, but also those we believe can run a successful Starfleet franchise and we can enjoy working closely with.

Are you excited,ready and eager to grab this opportunity?

Above all we’re looking for people who are:

  • PASSIONATE about producing great quality fish and chips  everyday– just like we are
  • ENTHUSIASTIC about using our systems and processes and being part of an exciting new brand
  • COMMITTED to providing the best possible product, service & experience for customers
  • COMPETENT businessmen with a proven business track record & business acumen
  • EXCELLENT communicators and people managers
  • PROFESSIONAL, honest, trustworthy, positive and fair

A good sense of humour will also help!

Of course, in addition to all of the above, you’ll need to be able to raise the capital for the business. We have established relationships with a number of banks who are interested in providing finance to Satrchipenetrprise franchises (subject to status). Any prospective franchisee will require £55,000 - £90,000 in liquid funds as a minimum financial investment.

As part of our franchisee recruitment approach, we have a thorough recruitment process and selection procedure for prospective franchisees. We need to be confident that you are right for us and vice versa.

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