Our Values

The UK love of fish and chips has not waivered for over 100 years. In fact, they even get a mention by Dickens in Oliver Twist. However, the world we live in has, so whilst striving to offer only premium products into the market place, we have also introduced innovative solutions environmental and sustainable principles into our business to guarantee our customers can also enjoy this British classic for generations to come.

We only use sustainable fishing sources

The health of the oceans and future fish stocks is very important to us as a company. We can only thrive as a business if the seas and oceans and fish within them continue to thrive. We believe in only sourcing fish from sustainable fishing grounds. This is why we purchase our cod, haddock and plaice from sustainable Icelandic sources, where four trawlers catch to our specific requirements. In Iceland it is illegal to discard any by-catch and a strict quota system is run by scientists to ensure the continued health of fish stocks for generations to come.

Our passion for quality extends throughout our menu, from only using chicken or meat products which fully comply with the independently assessed Red Tractor Farm Assurance criteria . and our Starchips Special Recipe Fried Fish that is coated in our family batters that are truly out of this world, to using potatoes from trusted farmers which produce Starchipenterprises unique,tasty twice fried chips.

We care about the environment

We care about the environment we live in therefore want to make sure that as a company we are finding new, innovative ways to reduce our impact on the world we live in. All of our packaging is made of recycled material and or biodegradable, and we are committed recyclers.  We use high grade Bio Trays for all of our food containers and recycled brown paper bags as takeaway carriers.

All our used oils are also recycled and we are in the development stages of being able run our new generation state of the art Starchips actually on our used oils,another first for Europe.

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