The cose of a typical franchise

As a Starchipenterprise franchisee you will require £55,000 - £90,000 in liquid funds as a minimum financial investment. This initial investment can however be significantly reduced by using an equipment leasing option (subject to status).

The total initial investment will depend on many factors including location, base rent, and equipment. An important consideration in purchasing your Starchip Enterprise franchise is how you will finance your investment. You will require a minimum of half of the total capital requirements in cash. You will need to be able to secure additional funding for the remaining balance. We have established relationships with a number of banks who are interested in providing finance to Churchill's franchisees (subject to status).

The initial franchise costs

The Starchip Enterprise franchise development fee includes the granting of the franchise license and all initial franchise owner training.

Franchise Development Fee


Ship and Conversion Costs


Base and Equipment Costs


Marketing Launch




A provision should be made for working capital.

Liquid funds required without equipment lease ownership agreement.

£55,000-£90,000 (can be reduced subject to lending criteria)

Recurring franchise costs

Management Services Fee:  6% of the net weekly turnover. Or £1000 per calender month whichever is the greater.

Software Till Provision: £7.50 per month per till (typically 2 per store).

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How long does the recruitment process take?

How long is the training programme and where is it?

Is previous catering or retailing experience necessary?

What is the average amount of staff that would work on the ship and what are the normal trading hours?

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