Welcome To StarChip Enterprise

Enjoy quality fish and chips at the UK’s finest fish and chip service.

With a desire for fine cuisine, Starchip Enterprise has been set up with the intention of providing you the customer with the finest fresh fish and chips available today.

  • Quality, traditional and delicious fish and chips
  • Local fresh produce from the finest cuts
  • Delivered locally to you, check visiting hours

Traditional & Delicious Fish & Chips Brought To You!

Whilst living in in rural outlying villages has many benefits, having access to a regular bus into town, either to get to a post office or a shop is a problem, let alone making the journey purely for fish and chips which are always sodden when you get them home anyway!

Our family decided to help tackle this problem by investing in specially designed, top-of-the-range, dedicated mobile fish and chip vans which are community driven so all the families in these outlying village communities get to enjoy freshly cooked, delicious fish and chips right outside their doorsteps.

Highest Quality Produce Sourced From The Vale

Quality local ingredients make all the difference!

All of our produce is sourced from local farms in the Vale. Our meat products from burgers to sausages are finely selected from a highly experienced local butcher, with farm assured traceable potatoes, all cooked in high quality fryers with the highest levels of hygiene so you get the very best taste. 

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